The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword E3 2010 Debut Trailer [HD]

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This game looks so ...

This game looks so amazingly fun, I can't wait! Does it have a release date or does anyone have any suspicians? Also, Majoras Mask is better the OoT :

@gnarlyphotography ...

@gnarlyphotography haha thats what i was thinkin

Is this one gonna ...

Is this one gonna come out on the Gamecube too? I fucking hope so..

@ ...

@linkthepimpofhyrule they've said that about all their games. Every one of the console Zelda games has some major flaws in it where you can see they lopped off big pieces of the gameplay (with the possible exception of MM, which by that standard would be the best). For example, a "sky temple" way back in OoT (though their list of dungeons is nothing to sneeze at); Windwaker with 5 dungeons total ( i mean REally now!), TP with a rather constricted world and lack of depth in it...

@ ...

@linkthepimpofhyrule meaning you're calling him by a mispronunciation? _

@ ...

@linkthepimpofhyrule no im not trying to comparing OoT to SS or any other loz game, what i ment by that was that its stupid to compare since it was an frikin amazing game. lol yes the only thing i ment by ripping off is that this Link looks(exsept for pants) exactly like TP Link. tho i do hope this game will be epicly amazing too, yet its hard to tell since this trailer just shows off the wiiness and not very much of the plot of characters. i heard its suppost to be cominng out in April 2011 :p

@TruArtStudios lol

@TruArtStudios lol

@ ...

@linkthepimpofhyrule oh!!!!! that's cool i didn't know that. :)

@ ...

@linkthepimpofhyrule i meant to say wasn't the greatest

@TruArtStudios it's ...

@TruArtStudios it's link's name in japanese i call him rinku cuz i've been calling him by his japanese name since i was lil i'm half japanese so it just stuck with me lol

@JHandcock1111 not ...

@JHandcock1111 not saying the other were bad i loved each one of them but because of the nostalgia and how Oot has impacted our lives all we u people do is compare every zelda to Oot yes it was great but the ones after got better and better and like i said imo i think SS will be the same as Oot it will be a great game and probably dethrone Oot as one of the best zeldas ever miyamoto and eiji said it'll come out until its perfect

@JHandcock1111 how ...

@JHandcock1111 how can a developer make a rip off of there own game lol and ocarina was considered the greatest but give it a rest it will live in our hearts cuz we were all young i was 8 when it 1st came out and i will cherish that game but MM was better and so on and so on the stories have gotten deeper and better the mechs as well and by the time its taking to make this one (which is a long as time) i'm pretty sure SS is goin to be the best console zelda (imo)

== ...


@NINT3NDUD3 It's ...

@NINT3NDUD3 It's spelled FOCUS ya god-damn brit!

00:12 to 00:25 made ...

00:12 to 00:25 made me nostalgia so hard


[PLAY A HIDDEN GAME ON THIS VIDEO] 1. Pause The Video -- Press And Hold The "Left" Arrow Key (The Screen Will Go Black) 2. While Still Holding Down The "Left" Key, Press And Hold The "Up" Arrow. A Dotted Snake Will Appear On The Screen. 3. Control The Snake With Your Right, Left, Up And Down Arrow Keys -- Collect The Dots That Appear On The Screen. 4. Thumbs Up So Everyone Can See. 5. Enjoy.

@NINT3NDUD3 the ...

@NINT3NDUD3 the graphics are realistic on this and twilight princess but i cant explain it but they still are adventure graphics. if zelda had ps3 graphics i wouldnt consider it a real zelda. i think this is awesome .

ok 1. I just jizzed ...


@thefallenarches um ...

@thefallenarches um, ur welcome?

@MissStar091995 ...

@MissStar091995 what i ment by down hill is that they havent seemed to try putting efort into the game as much now imo. like i know no loz game will ever come close to Ocarina of Time, but with the hole following of the windwaker story (not windwaker itself) it just seems like little sequals that they imo could have done much better with. the graphics of cource arnt everthing, the only thing i dont like out of this is the style ripoff TP. they should also put out a trailer with more in it soon.

@ ...

@linkthepimpofhyrule I don't know what rinku is

lol the ending ...

lol the ending reminded me of black ops trailer :P

Link reminded me of ...

Link reminded me of Peter Pan at the end XD

I'm so gonna buy ...

I'm so gonna buy this 3 Link for ever!!!

@JHandcock1111 ...

@JHandcock1111 It's not all about what the game looks like, but I'm sure you already knew that. I disagree. Zelda, in my opinion, isn't going downhill. Ocarina of Time was incredible, yes, but so was Wind Waker and Twilight Princess (again, in my opinion). Nintendo has had its rough points in making games, but well, it happens. Spirit Tracks, I agree with you there. I feel like it was but a filler game that would hope to please fans while they made this new one, which looks VERY promising.



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