Kenny Chesney - Don't Blink

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Hey I just ...

Hey I just downloaded this mp3 at

@arlinemedmiston i ...

@arlinemedmiston i know what you mean.. .i'm 30 now.. where did it all go?... this song really hits home

Hi all this is a ...

Hi all this is a grate song we all get old and time goes by.

I think, that maybe ...

I think, that maybe, just maybe, 15 people don't like the... sadness of this song. It's scary stuff to think that someday we're gonna be the man in the wheel chair, heck, who says we'll even make it that far? I both hate and love this song because of the strong message and truth behind it. The future is frightning, who knows what it holds? It makes me feel helpless, I'm trying to hang onto the present day, commanding it to stay put, trying not to blink, but it happens anyway. We can't stop time.

15 people need to ...

15 people need to learn what good music is 3 this song its amaxing my fav of all time

My all time fav.... ...

My all time fav..........this even beats AJ as much as i hate to say it!!!!

Live for today! ...

Live for today! DONT BLINK!

Great song!

Great song!

This is an amazing ...

This is an amazing song. Its truley a life lesson learned song. Jessyyxx03.. is my bestfriend. don't say bad shit about her family or anything about her. especially in this hard time. 3

I agree

I agree

Good song, terrible ...

Good song, terrible provider; Vevo must go!

Very, Very ...

Very, Very Beautiful!!

how do you love, ...

how do you love, after the one and only love you loose? whay can't you go with them?

how do you love, ...

how do you love, after the one and only love you loose?

@jessyyxx03 Sorry ...

@jessyyxx03 Sorry for your loss, good for you for being positive about it, though.

@rebelfrlife21 Oh ...

@rebelfrlife21 Oh man! That is a tragic story!! You are a great big sibling!! Your sisters must adore you!

@nicole428 I'm just ...

@nicole428 I'm just fucking with you. Sorry that your pop pop died.

@jessyyxx03 I'm ...

@jessyyxx03 I'm sorry for your loss. Don't listen to chechnya, that's just another person whose angry at the world.

this song is soo ...

this song is soo true nd dont let anyone you cant do something cause you never kno till you try

He's suppaa ugly!! ...

He's suppaa ugly!! :'D

this video is so ...

this video is so sad and i feel bad for the old man

i love this video!! ...

i love this video!!! the old guy really makes a difference

i blinked :) lol. ...

i blinked :) lol. this song is lyrical genius! i love this song!

This is the reason ...

This is the reason why I love country music :D

@chechnya How can ...

@chechnya How can you say that to someone? Have respect for the dead! Please try to be kinder to others... Its makes your outlook on life much better..



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