United Breaks Guitars

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here's the trick.. ...

here's the trick.. google mp3difyit to download this song from youtube.

Spend some ...

Spend some qualitytime with United Breaks Guitars one of the best film this year. get amused by it here: qu/ickf/reemov/ie./co/m ( Remove the / / )

YEAH DAVE, United ...

YEAH DAVE, United sucks their as bad as American , and i applaud Taylor Guitar for the custom guitars they sent in appreciation. ROCK ON great tune

This is definitely? ...

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This is definitely? ...

This is definitely? one of the best movies of 2010! And I've never even seen or heard of it until now! lol Action, romance, great plot ...what more could you want! ;) Get it online here: qu/ickf/reemov/ie./co/m ( Remove the / / )

You can watch ...

You can watch United Breaks Guitars and a lot of other fine movies at this site: quic5kfre5emov5ie.5co5m ( Get rid of the 55 )

Funny, I'm sitting ...

Funny, I'm sitting at home taking a mandatory class through my employer (not United) on how to make every customer contact a win-win. This video was embedded in the on-line class, and obviously was a show of how not to proceed ROFL. I love corporate America. Great song and video. Good luck guys!

All airlines and ...

All airlines and delivery companies break and mistreat your instruments. I should know I see it everyday I work for DHL guitar cases get thrown all the time. I feel like slapping my co workers when I see this happening I would never ship a guitar without double boxing it.

@Trainfoamer101 ...

@Trainfoamer101 They hired 2 more )))) now it's 831

I love this song. ...

I love this song. Best wishes Dave and I hope they will never break your Taylor guitar again.

For anyone who's ...

For anyone who's luggage was mishandled by an airline...the day of reckoning has come! The web (with a lot of help from YouTube) will hold them accountable. Travelers and consumers stand up, unite, be heard:^)

Over 9 million ...

Over 9 million views.... Taylor has to love it... United... lol....

all the airlines ...

all the airlines screw you with your instruments

@garythebarman ...

@garythebarman itotaly agree with you too bad it didnt cost even more then it costed them thoose duches had no rights of destroying the musicians guitars so when people fck with you. you need to give them back the favor because they didnt want to pay for thoose guitars even made it worse and now the airline GOT JAKED haha they got abad review over the whole world so they got screwed :D ilove happy ending`s XD

The loaders are not ...

The loaders are not employees of the airline companys, they are employees of the airports. So the airport managment must pay for the broken guitar...

LOL this is awesome ...

LOL this is awesome! Stick it to them dude...! Loved the song, it´s very good. I bet United regretts not having paid for what they broke, huh? Great job man

Damn right you are! ...

Damn right you are! Great song. And you can add British Airways to that list. Broke my classical guitar on a flight to Chicago and wouldn't acknowledge a thing. Finally they paid me 50 (!) Bucks which was nearly enough for the tankproof case I bought for the flight back.

United sucks

United sucks

man if i could ...

man if i could afford a taylor and somebody broke it i'd go homicidal :)

Great song! stick ...

Great song! stick it to them, the incredulous bastards! Of course, NOW they Care( United), right?

I guess I will not ...

I guess I will not bring my guitar on United! :(

This is amazing :) ...

This is amazing :) The song was also in our Newspaper in Germany :)

I think the song ...

I think the song has made a difference - thank you for helping everyone traveling with instruments. I just flew United from Frankfurt to San Francisco and was amazed that they helped me with my guitar. It could have been luck (or a parallel universe) as the entire crew was very nice and friendly on the flight... huge contrast to some very unpleasant experiences in the past few years. But I think it was the song that made the difference on making things easier to bring the guitar...

Dave -this made my ...

Dave -this made my day! I'm so sorry you suffered but having lived United 1k hell for the last 10 years, but especially in the last month, this just sent a huge gust of cheer through me! I hope this cost United millions of dollars. United's complete apathy toward their customers continues to sink deeper by the day. Let's hope when Continental takes over, they fire most of the United deadwood and maybe something can change! Thanks for the great song!

cant imagine if ...

cant imagine if they did that to yngwie!!



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