Gimme Sympathy [Official Music Video] - METRIC

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I cant belive Emily ...

I cant belive Emily Haines is 36!!!



I can see her vagina

I can see her vagina

nice :)

nice :)

woo beatles.

woo beatles.

@ ...

@JasonSchillingWhatQQ Fair enough, I'm starting to realize from a lot of music threads I've been through, the US does seem to be behind when it comes to up and coming bands. I hate it when a shitty movie or video game ruins such a good band.

@thenameless13 Yeah ...

@thenameless13 Yeah, Muse was definitely big before Twilight, but not that big in America. They've only recently been playing their songs on the radio, and they only play songs from their new album. I'm pretty sure every other country in the world has a better music scene than America, especially Europe. People who saw Twilight first and then heard Muse will always relate the two, whether they mean it or not. Because of that, it's possible that they like Muse mostly because of the relation.

@innismor11 Nope as ...

@innismor11 Nope as far as I know. In case you're trying to be a smart alec, "calculated IQ" is a term.

@metalrules13 (of ...

@metalrules13 (of the calculated IQ of 144 (= genius)) .... uhh, is there some other way we all don't know about for determining a person's IQ, other than calculating it?

TheBeatles(: ...

TheBeatles(: wooo!; she is hott.

I'll admit I've ...

I'll admit I've never heard of this band until I saw Twilight Eclipse and instantly feel in love...Awesome band!

@ ...

@JasonSchillingWhatQQ Uhmmm your post was half decent until the last sentence. Muse was fairly big before Twilight. I don't know if your local radio stations are shit and don't play good music, but Muse has been pretty big in Canada (possibly North America) since 2003 at least.

@FrukSkoFcsae I'd ...

@FrukSkoFcsae I'd have to agree with you that every band is a product of media, but Beiber is a BIG product of the media. Most "good" bands are harder to find, and the general public do not like to look for music, they want music handed to them by the radio or another media. I'm fine with people liking Beiber, but they should know that it's not probably because of his music. He has ties with other things that make people like him. Like the band Muse with the twilight movie.



this is the first ...

this is the first ive heard of these guys and i really like really excited that theyre opening for muse on saturday in new york!

@Steve8518 ...

@Steve8518 Completely agree with you dude, she is damn hot!!. I love the way she moves her feets and legs while she's singing!!

They've changed so ...

They've changed so much- i love it! They've become so incredible, ah it almost makes me want to cry 3 METRIC ROCKS!

@ ...

@JasonSchillingWhatQQ Media can't sell something if no one would buy it. Every band is a product of media. You don't know Beiber's personal story. Beiber has his own group of fan, like every other band/singer from all kinds of genres. Saying Beiber sucks is fine but it just shows me that one doesn't understand that "good" or "bad" music/singer is RELATIVE. If it makes someone feel good listening to beiber, so be it! I could care less about what my fav bands inspire, I just like listening to em



@metalrules13 Well ...

@metalrules13 Well I don't like metric that much either :P (Only like "Help I'm Alive" and the one song from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World). I'm just trying to say that a musician who's not proficient isn't always a "bad" or "mediocre" musician, and can actually be an amazing one.

@FrukSkoFcsae ...

@FrukSkoFcsae Justin Bieber is a good singer, but not great, fantastic, or superbly amazing--and singing is the most talent he's got. metalrules13 is right though, he is a product of the media, and easily shot his way up to easy living--no "starving artist" stage. Will he push a "new wave" of music or influence great artists in the future? Probably not... So in my perspective, he's not a good musician/artist.

@Heezey well "here ...

@Heezey well "here comes the sun" is a beatles song :)

@FrukSkoFcsae ...

@FrukSkoFcsae Bieber is a pure product of the media. Only musically retarded people like him. That was the sole purpose of his "creation", to manipulate the idiotic trend following masses so that the record labels could make more money. Bieber has zero talent, he doesn't write his own songs, he can't play any instruments, and his voice sounds like a cat getting raped in a cage. I feel sorry for people who actually think that Justin Bieber is an "artist", and not a major tool.

@metalrules13 " ...

@metalrules13 "Justin Bieber S.U.C.K.S. and if´╗┐ you think otherwise you're musically retarded and an MTV sheep." YOU don't like his music. People like Music for ALL kinds of reasons. Some people love Beiber. You don't. Beiber is a real singer who is represented by real record company and sings songs that certain people love. It really doesn't matter to everyone that YOU thinks he sucks. It only matters to you. It isn't changing anything. I have never seen MTV btw.

This is too damn ...

This is too damn good to be true!



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