Halo 3: ODST Rap (Music Video Machinima)

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☻/ /▌ New World ...

☻/ /▌ New World Order / \

Thumbs up if you ...

Thumbs up if you think the mw2 rap was better than halo3 rap

if there is gonna ...

if there is gonna be another halo after reach i hope it is a sequal to the ODSTs or maybe even a prequal?

I rock camouflage ...

I rock camouflage like a boss

ODST more bad-ass ...

ODST more bad-ass then Spartans.

i added you on ...

i added you on xboxlive but your freind box was full so iguess im out of luck watch machinama!!!!!!!!!! i love machinama

Look@ ...


ODST have their sex ...

ODST have their sex drives!

c'mon spartans are ...

c'mon spartans are more godd but cool game lol

@Anthaon spartans ...

@Anthaon spartans have armor abilities man

@ ...

@BullsharkProduction Yes

@Dukandra I think ...

@Dukandra I think they say intended?

@Woker7620 that is ...

@Woker7620 that is for poor people u dont have money go get a job

"at some point in ...

"at some point in this they rhyme intendent with super intendent, wow such made skillz"

I'm a sceptical ...

I'm a sceptical person, I thought this site was a scam, but I decided it's worth a shot. I spread my link to 30 people and it worked. I pressed spin got three PS3 icons and 2 weeks later I had my very own free ps3. What can I say? Freeps3.tv is the most legit site I have ever been on.. Try it out! - Ryan B. Payne

that is the best ...

that is the best rap i have ever herd!!

is this song in the ...

is this song in the itunes

Whoever thinks this ...

Whoever thinks this should'ave been the main theme, Thumbs UPP!

hell fvking yeah

hell fvking yeah

Ohh Dee Ess Tee!

Ohh Dee Ess Tee!

cool :P

cool :P

Download this game ...

Download this game 100% free from Tyreus {DOT} net

@erickarban33 lol ...

@erickarban33 lol man up and play modern spawnfail2?

WAW u me ...

WAW u me skullkruncher CreatorFin

music for nerds 3

music for nerds 3



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