Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

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The only lecture ...

The only lecture that I really didn't want to end.

that sucks he died ...

that sucks he died from this video i wish i could have been one of his students

How am I expected ...

How am I expected to watch a movie with tears in my eyes the whole way through? Excellent movie, emotional,wonderful movie as I watched it at Free Movie Zone . n e t

thanks for the time ...

thanks for the time,, ,and the vison of the dreams ,may it carry on ,as we live a little fuller ,

thanks for the time ...

thanks for the time,, ,and the vison of the dreams ,may it carry on

this has more views ...

this has more views than a porn video whoah

@jarelynmonroe You ...

@jarelynmonroe You say "you are hiding behind a screen?" What does that mean? What am I hiding from? The only posible explanation is "violence" I suppose though I do not. :) Biside your pretty lies about yourself. "judging that from such a small thing" makes me: A) good analyst, B) prejudiced Anyway if Someone says me " I think you have some problems" I would say: "eee I don't think so... whatever." But you are trying to show a complete stranger that you are OK. This says alot about you :)

im going to ...

im going to Berkeley D: lmao excellent talk though

Ok movie, well cast ...

Ok movie, well cast good acting; however the script directing fell well short of this films potential. Find it at Free Movie Zone . n e t

@soulforgedronin ...

@soulforgedronin what? if we were face to face, i'd attack you? where did that even come from? LOL, jeez. i couldn't decode that second part of your comment. if i'm a "general example" of someone who needs help, it's a pretty sad fucking world we live in. i'm happy with my looks, my family and friends, my financial status, and my life, and you think you know i need help from some comments on youtube? you think you can judge that from such a small thing? what does that say about you?

Who hates this? ...

Who hates this? Really, what self indulged asshole doesn't like this?

what a terrible ...

what a terrible disease and a tragedy. the lecture though was ok, a bit too many platitudes. overrated in light of his disease. he was obviously very intelligent however.

Two thumbs up, ...

Two thumbs up, great story and acting by the actors. Find it here at Free Movie Zone . n e t

@jarelynmonroe So ...

@jarelynmonroe So are you trying to say if we were face to face, you would attack me with such a silly subject? And you still say you don't need a doc. :) I didnt harrassed for anything. If you read hole the writings I just said you have some anger problems see a doctor. Thats all :) And you are such an general example that anyone can say that you need help.

hi, is there a ...

hi, is there a summary of this anywhere?

I think an ...

I think an assignment to find 20 powerful quotes in this video becomes nearly impossible when every thing he says is powerful...

I got teary-eyed. ...

I got teary-eyed. That's all I can really say.

glad the text ...

glad the text matches up perfectley to what he is saying.

@JimBobJoeDave yes ...

@JimBobJoeDave yes I am an asshole. And btw, i am a girl. I apologize very greatly.

@myamericanpie I ...

@myamericanpie I know, i should have. I feel terrible. I think the only reason I said those things were because I dont understand it. Im sorry:(

@nmitchell076 I am ...

@nmitchell076 I am sooo sorry. I feel terrible.

@hir0ismyher0 You ...

@hir0ismyher0 You are right. I am sooooo sorry. I was having a bad, day, but that doesnt give me the right to go and do such a stupid thing that I did. I am really and truly sorry. I just watched it over again, and realized that it is inspirational. I am a jerk. And an asshole. I deleted the comment, and I feel really bad. Please forgive me. Im sorry Randy!!!

A remarkable man ...

A remarkable man that stayed true to himself and positive to others. It may bring tears to your eyes.

A remarkable man ...

A remarkable man that stayed true to himself and positive for the good of others. This is very touching and may be difficult to watch.

Is not that easy to ...

Is not that easy to say this movie is good, but is worth of watch as I watched it fr33 at Free Movie Zone . n e t



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