Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

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go obama

go obama

obviously not.

obviously not.

well if you DO hate ...

well if you DO hate him just throw a shoe!

why did all the ...

why did all the poor people vote for obama? He promised to give them change!

Yes we can to ...

Yes we can to justice and equality. Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity. Yes we can heal this nation. YES WE CAN! Yes we can repair this world. Yes we can.

People shouldn't ...

People shouldn't hate President Bush. It is wrong to hate your president. You should always stand by them no matter what happens. I honestly think George had bad luck with Katrina, 9-11 and other bad things. Just don't hate the president. Congratulations, Obama.

always remember ...

always remember that no matter what obstacles stand in our way nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change!

erm your parents ...

erm your parents dont need to be american for you to be an american citizen...

So you would vote 4 ...

So you would vote 4 a guy who picked his vp just because she was a girl (he made it very obvious). And your callin out people votin 4 obama 4 his skin color...

its funny how the ...

its funny how the large majority of people only voted for him because he was black and dont even understand his policies. when you look past the skin colour you'll realise he'll be another unreliable u.s president



Hey chief mike if ...

Hey chief mike if your father is not an American but your born in the U.S. your an American citizen. And Mike, what makes u think he would have gotten this far without someone knowing he wasn't a citizen?

Obama's economic ...

Obama's economic plans boil down to two tactics: high tax and dollar printing spree. Both will rob those decent and diligent Americans that work hard spend smart to make ends meet, and award those who don't.

Obama has not even ...

Obama has not even proven that he is a US citizen or was born in the US. his father isn't a US citizen, so he isn't even an American citizen.

Bingo, pal. His ...

Bingo, pal. His top aid has been involved in the latest Illinois governor scandal b4 he takes over in January. You thought they'd at least last that lie for a while. They are unable to. Their dirty nature strikes whenever there's a chance.

maccaian is an ...

maccaian is an ass.Obama08

YES! WE! CAN!!!!!!! ...

YES! WE! CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

same old shit...... ...

same old shit....... same old politics.... americans wake up, obama isnt change its another 4 crappy years. my opinion!

we shall see wat ...

we shall see wat happenes u can never perdict the future

1) Obama did not ...

1) Obama did not have a landslide; 2) Obama's economic policies will increase the US national debt; 3) Obama's economic policy will increase taxes, leading to capital flight; 4) Obama's economic policies will overregulate, leading to London steamrolling New York in terms of finance; 5)Obama's welfarism will destroy the enterprise culture of many Americans; 6) Obama's economic policies will lead to US economic collapse, and thus loss of US geopolitical leadership

I do not need a ...

I do not need a group of celebrities to advice me on social and political issues. I am an informed American, and a gathering of celebrities promoting "change" will never influence my decision.

maybe not,but this ...

maybe not,but this country can and will be great again because of all of our people!

we did.

we did.

now is not the best ...

now is not the best time to be an american i think

I'm from Scotland ...

I'm from Scotland but watching this and when I watched his winning speech I wanted to be american! lol



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