OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version - Official

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Those guys probably ...

Those guys probably have too much spare time.

The easy way to ...

The easy way to get 1000+ view PER DAY! Check this out: 4ddfed17.ubervidz.com

Woehoee! I have see ...

Woehoee! I have see them live on the pc on Pukkelpop (Belgium)

fucking amazing.

fucking amazing.

Wow is all i can ...

Wow is all i can say! Nice job. Amazing video! ^^

the video is in 3 ...

the video is in 3 takes, when the pipes are passing the pianoin the background you can see the piano warp. And when the curtains are opening there is a light behind them and wwhen it opens the light source is gone. Yes the video is in several takes,but still god damn awesome

That was so fucking ...

That was so fucking epic! 5/5 man indefinately!

Very nice

Very nice

Really well ...

Really well executed!

@plonkerfest ya ...

@plonkerfest ya there videos are so cool

@ummmkewler No it ...

@ummmkewler No it wasn't but it doesn't make it worse either way

If you screw up one ...

If you screw up one thing, your done

@JakeBasketball443 ...

@JakeBasketball443 NOTHING i just hate the band and like the videos, i have the right to freedom of music. THEY ARE NOT GOOD in my eyes

Good storyline, lot ...

Good storyline, lot of lesson learned...find it for fr33 at BestMovieEver. n e t

i just realized i ...

i just realized i have an identical looking glass to one in the vid the fourth pair hit on the inside

@winterish it was ...

@winterish it was one take

I love nerds , they ...

I love nerds , they had to have thought this up cause it all about one action affecting another action and so forth and so on...Love the vid.. and the,....this Too shall Pass well ....Thats my mantra! LOL I love It!!

HOLY CRAP!! This is ...

HOLY CRAP!! This is sooooo cool

omg teh light at 2: ...

omg teh light at 2:27 and gone

Most creative video ...

Most creative video making band I have ever seen in my life.

@MrBoxkitty what ...

@MrBoxkitty what the hell is wrong with you????


@XxKRAZYKIDZxX Read the video discription

I had this song on ...

I had this song on my player since march but I only seen the video now! WTF. I was looking for any digital help in there..but, why bother? All these stuff is real. This is going to take over Here it goes again in number of hits.

The part where the ...

The part where the guitar spins around to make the spoons hit the glasses in tune with the music is fucking genius. I bow down to whoever thought up of that idea.

@bbmgamer HAHA so ...

@bbmgamer HAHA so true



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