Charice - "Pyramid" Featuring Iyaz - Official Music Video

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check out my ...

check out my channel only if un lov justin bieber but u hav 2 susssscribe and be my friend plus leave comments

I really love this ...

I really love this song !!! I always enjoy listening to it !!! Great clap clap clap proud to be Filipinos !!!

i love i love!!

i love i love!!

i get goose bumps ...

i get goose bumps when she sings :)

who would hate this ...

who would hate this song

I love this song!! ...

I love this song!! I love it!!!

is she that one ...

is she that one from glee?

okay im like ...

okay im like obsessed with charice like her voice is amazing and always gives me chills and i like this song but it dosent sound like her at all to me? like her voice is usually alot deeper.. this voice reminds me of jojo?

ang galing naman

ang galing naman



STARKING 3rd ...

STARKING 3rd Charice appearance 7/24/2010 youtube search charinkor



@lowlypeasant .. ...

@lowlypeasant ..either of the 2 is correct depending on where you are. In the Phil it is the former, in the West (N.America, etc) it is the latter. In Japan it is Sharisu, the difference lies in how each of the countries pronounce the letters in the alphabet, like Japan doesn't have a "CH" nor a"C" , "SH" is the closest to those letters in sound, in Phil "A" is pronounced "Ah", while in USA it sounds like "ey". Hope that helped.

@etrnlygr8tful .. ...

@etrnlygr8tful ..Honestly the negativity is annoying...Why can't everyone simply comment on the talent of this girl without dragging the people of the Phil after her with negative comments. Praise the talent leave it at that or say nothing at all. Sometimes I wish all comments are disabled, but then again a lot of people do know to write positive thoughts too. PEACE!

@jaydenromeCALi .. ...

@jaydenromeCALi ..that is your proof, 1 episode of a show? Honestly I just hope people will just seriously move on to what had happened in the past with Charice, about losing from LBS and all those things and stop commenting so negatively about the Phil and the few that doesn't like her. Life doesn't start end in winning a contest. Charice accepted that loss already, move on! Have you guys ever wondered if she ended up winning, would she be getting the same opportunity she's enjoying now?

iyaz going big like ...

iyaz going big like so big love the girl beautiful

@lowlypeasant it ...

@lowlypeasant it seems like they say Cha - reese in the phillipines, but SHa-reese in the USA.

she has such a ...

she has such a pretty voice

@Cchangal123 it is ...

@Cchangal123 it is becuase that did happen to Charice when she was younger... but very true!!

I think Cha will ...

I think Cha will take off once she starts to write her own songs. This one doesn't showcase her personality or talent. Its too generic. She is something fresh and different.. monster talent without the monster ego.. also super sweet, funny and fun. There is no other artist around like her. Fire that horrible manager, forget about the record sales and just do yo thang girl.

my best friend pio ...

my best friend pio has a better voice

she's now much ...

she's now much hotter than ever than b4 i 1st saw her on oprah (2008)...... Go charice...... just keep doin what u do best (singin)..... wish u would visit and create a concert @ washington (not DC)...... wish u all the best......

@jis300 its like an ...

@jis300 its like an old-ish song.

@ ...

@preciousprettypaula its not even in the charts..

mica u know the ...

mica u know the gril is from philpino u saw her cause shes hot



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